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The friendly team at Boundary Trails Dental Centre is here to help you make decisions with respect to you and your family’s oral health.

Morden Dentist, Melissa

Melissa Barto | Dental Hygienist

Morden Dentist, Angela

Angela Falk | Dental Hygienist

Morden Dentist, Nicole

Nicole Vanrobaeys | Dental Hygienist

Morden Dentist, Marlene

Marlene Lindal | Dental Hygienist

Morden Dentist, Kari

Kari Braun | Dental Hygienist

Morden Dentist, Christine

Christine Regier-Fehr | Dental Hygienist

Morden Dentist, Sandi

Sandi Sawatzky | Dental Assistant

Morden Dentist, Ashton

Ashton Douglas | Dental Assistant

Morden Dentist, Kristen

Kristen Early | Dental Assistant

Morden Dentist, Courtney

Courtney Barnabe | Dental Assistant

Morden Dentist, Lisa

Lisa Braun | Dental Assistant

Morden Dentist, Katie

Katie Frost | Dental Assistant

Morden Dentist, Adele

Adele Messner | Dental Assistant

Morden Dentist, Deryn

Deryn Doerksen | Dental Assistant

Morden Dentist, Mandy

Mandy Rempel | Laboratory Technician

Morden Dentist, Kayla

Kayla Rachul | Doctor Scheduling Coordinator

Morden Dentist, Vicky Hoeppner

Vicky Hoeppner | Patient Care Coordinator

Morden Dentist, Veronika

Veronika Friesen | Hygiene Scheduling Coordinator

Morden Dentist, Pam Penner

Pam Penner | Financial Coordinator

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Featured Services

Boundary Trails Dental Centre offers a comprehensive range of services for children, adults, and seniors.

Morden Dentist, General Dentistry


We use dental technology to help identify any diseases before they become a significant issue.

Morden Dentist, Cosmetic Services


For patients looking for affordable options when it comes to replacing teeth, dentures are often recommended.

Morden Dentist, Orthodontics

IV Sedation

Patients may choose this option for simple procedures, such as wisdom tooth removal, depending on their level of anxiety 

Morden Dentist, Contact

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Whether you're in the city of Morden or a surrounding community, we can't wait to welcome you to the Boundary Trails Dental family!

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